Things My Readers Say

Q. Which camera do you use to take your pictures for your blog?

A. I currently use a Panasonic FZ45 bridge camera however, I’m looking for an upgrade (I’ve shot with this camera since I started blogging). I will soon be upgrading to the Canon 750D.

Q. Are all the images on your blog yours?

A. A majority of the images on my blog are mine. I’m so lucky to have photographer Aima Yusaf Jamal who took my personal portrait pictures. When I use press images I ensure that I credit them correctly so that my readers know who took them.

Q. I’m thinking of starting my own blog. How did you start YOURS?

A. My blog started organically and by accident actually – but it was a happy accident and it’s been going from strength-to-strength. The advice I would give a new blogger would be to choose the right platform first as there are so many out there. Then find your passion and find your own choice – it’s easy to get lost in the sea of blogs out there so you have to stand out and be unique.

Q. How long have you been blogging?

A. I started my blog in 2011 on April Fool’s Day (no, seriously).

Q. I’d love to guest post on your blog. Are there any opportunities to do so?

A. Sadly I’m not accepting guest posts at the moment but thank you for taking an interest in blog.

Q. Are you looking for any interns?

A. Thank you so much for getting in touch. I’m extremely passionate about interns and helping others get at least a foot on the ladder. Sadly I’m not looking for interns at the moment. I would encourage you to send applications out to other design companies however, who are offering internships – (Unfortunately I cannot recommend any to you).

Q. Help! I’m in the process of a career change and need some advice?

A. I’m very humbled that you have contacted me and I love giving advice. I do get a lot of emails from my readers regarding career changes especially in relation to my Interior Design course at KLC. The Open Learning programme at KLC is extremely intense and I feel, more suited to those who are dedicated & passionate about interiors who work well on their own whilst staying motivated (as distant learning can be quite isolating at times). Personally, it’s a very well thought-out course. The content is very detailed and marked thoroughly. If you need any further information then do take a look at the KLC website and contact the KLC admissions team.

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