How to Submit


I’m delighted that you’re thinking of working together. My blog attracts a wealth of emerging & established talent within the design industry. With this in mind I’m always seeking to connect with those who have a distinctive creative outlook. Please submit a brief description of what you do as well as your website link and at least 6-8 images via email at

Notes for Brands & PRESS

Thank you for your interest in my blog. Please note that I do not accept pre-written copy for this blog. All content is carefully written by me as Editor and by those I have specifically selected & commissioned to write for me. Please be aware that I do not accept requests from SEO companies, those seeking blog content in exchange for products or guest posts.

Collaborations and submissions are meticulously assessed and selected based on their uniqueness and genuine relevance to my blog. Due to the extremely high volume of submission requests received sadly it is not possible to personally respond to each request. As a result, if you have not received a response to your request within 1-2 weeks it is likely that your request was unsuccessful and there is no need to resend your request. Having read the above, if you feel that you are the right fit then please do get in touch.

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