A New Studio

Credited: Death to Stock Photo Credited: Death to Stock Photo

After a long strenuous year filled with the clichéd ups & downs (will I hand in that enormous thesis on time or will I crash and burn) I came out the other end a postgraduate having completed my masters in Interior Architecture, brimming with ideas. Refusing to let my creative vigor hibernate I decided to re-launch my original creative blog HOP Interiors into a more refined, carefully curated blog-resource of catalogued discussions entitled the HOP Design Studio. In the words of kinkolk Editor Georgia Frances King it was the right time ‘to look back on the past, make some [valuable] changes and reemerge from [my] self-imposed cocoon’ with purpose. With an industry over-saturated with interior, lifestyle & design blogs I really wanted to redevelop and rebrand my blog giving it greater depth, substance and context. This in turn will allow both my content and viewpoints to become the focus point.

From my new blog you can expect to see a heightened sense of passion for design which shines through a matured tone. Taking a paired down, sophisticated approach the studio will be a place that dissects, discusses and questions key issues within the design industry whilst simultaneously championing new & emerging talent. Mixing interiors, fashion, architecture, graphics & food plus a generous dish of photography, we aim to provide a vast amount of creative discussion.

Let Your Home Tell A Story

I don’t know about you but sometimes I wish I could just close my eyes, click my heels and snuggle up with a good book all day on these rainy wintery days! Well, why not let your home tell a story… Along my interior travels and with my beady creative eye, I discovered these exquisite prints thanks to Home Candy. Remember all those classic children favourites like ‘Alice in Wonderland’‘Romeo & Juliet’ and of course the wonderful ‘Wizard of Oz’ well you could have your favourite novel picture perfectly framed in your home. Each print contains the complete text from front to back.

What was your favourite childhood book?

At 70cm x 50cm in size and printed on heavy weight paper in sharp lightfast ink this is great for your secret nook or your children’s playroom or bedroom. What I like most about these prints are that they tell a visual story in addition to the text. Why not get lost in your favourite childhood novel today.

Images Credited // HOME CANDY

Holly Becker Book Launch Party: Decorate Workshop

I had the immense pleasure of being invited to the book launch of Decorate – Workshop, the second interiors book from the successful Author| Writer| Blogger| Speaker| Designer and Teacher – Holly Becker! Since starting her careers as an interior designer and blogger Holly has successful turned her hand to all of the above. With the huge success of her first book Decorate, selling huge volumes worldwide, Holly is sure to replicate that same success with her shiny new publication. Being an alumni of Holly’s BYW class, all students both old and new were given the opportunity to gain access to this intimate event.

Not only did we manage to get a sneak peek of the new book but we also got a Q&A session with Holly, hosted by the colourful Mr.Bazaar himself – Will Taylor. Renowned stylist Leland Day (joint stylist in this edition) gave us an insight into the styling world and how he himself draws inspiration to create the most enchanting interior space. So why is this book different from Decorate? The first thing you’ll notice about this new book is that it’s more like an interiors journal and workshop guide than a coffee table publication. Holly’s book has 8 simple yet in-depth steps on how to implement the decorating process in a more simplified manner. You certainly get a sense of Holly’s own personal style and voice within this book and by the end you’ll begin to feel comfortable with the design process thus approaching it with an organic mindset.

It was great to meet Holly who is not only very talented but very down-to-earth as well as catch up with friends Louise, Will, the Heart Home Team and the girls – Sam, Kelly & Annie. As well as catch-up it was also great to meet some of my virtual blogging classmates including @DailyTrends, @Traceychalk {we’re gonna have fun in Stockholm – Whoop Whoop} @TheCuriosityBox and Tola @MissTShaz.

Congratulations Holly!

Fall in Love with AW12

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And just like that, Autumn (or Fall to my US lovelies) has rolled around once again! To be honest, this has to be my favourite season, no procrastinating on what to wear and where to go, there’s always something fabulous to do in the Autumn. This season also sees the best weather (ironically) but more to the point it heralds show season! Eeeeek!

I must admit I am super, über excited about show season this year and those shows which debuted last year are back with creative vengeance. At the moment I’m carefully selecting which ones to go to and which press events to see. With so little time and just so much to see I’m very excited about AW12. So whilst I’m currently trying to finalise my interiors events schedule including press days let me run through my top shows:

Design Junction:

I attended Design Junction last year and was totally blown away. Usually some shows can be quite stuffy and HOP Interiors does not do stuffy so this was such a breath of fresh air! New to the scene in 2011 this show has great seminars, installations and products. What I enjoyed about the event was the fact that there were new and up-and-coming designers of which had such an outstanding level of talent. This year, as well as the designers and talks I’m really looking forward to see Canteen’s pop up restaurant with a Transport for London theme. Being a huge fan of Transport for London’s iconic design I’m sure it will not disappoint. 

Image credited: Via Design Junction news letter

Tent London:
Did someone say a breath of fresh air… It was my very first visit to Tent last year (I know, where have I been) and I could kick myself for not going any sooner. Fully chilled with a fun, quirky vibe this was a show I vowed to attend next year and ‘check’ it’s on my list! Need I say more.

This month seems full of anniversaries with the fabulous 35th anniversary of Decorex. Usually the more straight-jacketed of the shows last years was a lot more chilled out. With a nautical theme last year it was full of great design and seminars and had a more, dare I say, relaxed atmosphere. This year it’s all about heritage honey! And I’m so excited as the lady that is Vivienne Westwood will be designing the entrance room sets for the event! Eeeek!

Focus 2013:
Last but by no means least I’m looking forward to attending this years Focus event at Chelsea Harbour. What I really enjoy about Focus is the wide section and array of new collections all housed under one fabulous glass roof! In addition to that the long row of interior stores along the King’s Road open up their doors to ring in the new collections too and I’m totally like a kid in an interiors sweet shop! 

Which shows are your favourite? Will you be attending any this season? If you do and you see me, be sure to say hello!