Print Is Dead, Long Live Print

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Hole & Corner, Kinfolk, Cereal – these aren’t your usual indie band names, these are just a handful of the incredibly innovative independent (indie) magazines that have graced our newsstands over the last five years. I don’t know about you but I’m completely smitten by the way in which creative collectives have taken the decision and the opportunity [with the rise of the digital era] to just go ahead and collaborate on something that has been missing from the print industry. I must admit, since having my first encounter with Kinfolk a few years ago I have been reading less & less of those commercially safe interior mags and have opted for the more out-there and unconventional indie mag. Indie mag Editors don’t sit in their glass tower offices with an assistant for their assistant, streams of departments for food content, interior content and so on – they can usually be found being their own PR, marketing and content machine working alongside just a small selective group of dedicated individuals who contribute to the magazine. For me [and this is not to say that all commercial mags aren’t, but] there seems to be more integrity, raw honestly and less conformity in this new form of publication. With their bold, graphically fine tuned covers packed with inspiring and refreshing interviews from new, emerging to established designers & artisans, I wanted to share with you my favourite & fond indie mags that have rocked my world.

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Like meeting an old friend I can’t quite remember when I started reading this magazine. I started purchasing them however on a regular basis when I’d visit my favourite newsstand – the Shoreditch’s Artwords store. Kinfolk is one of those beautifully well-thought out publications that is full of interesting articles, interviews and info from some of the most creative artisans around the world. Like Vogue I tend to archive them then pull them out every so often for inspiration. For example, the entrepreneur issue (Issue 15) discusses the idea of entrepreneurism and the motivation that drives these individuals as well as discussing the balance between working & playing hard.

Credited: @readlegom Credited: @readlegom

2. LAGOM *

Lagom (a publication which I discovered only weeks ago via Instagram) was something that caught my eye instantaneously. Created by Samantha & Elliot Stock this Bristol based lifestyle indie mag focuses on both championing & celebrating individuals ‘who make a living from their passion’ – be it full time or like most of us part-time after the day job. With a diverse range of inspiring people from chefs to baristas, Samantha & Eliot along with a merry band of photographers, writers, illustrators (and a transcriber) – eloquently explore the journeys they’ve taken to embark upon their ventures. *I’ve teamed up with Elliot & Samantha at Lagom magazine to offer my newsletter subscribers a huge -10% off the magazine, subscriptions & more. Sign up here to get your discount – offer ends 25.05.15.

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This publication is a personal favourite of mine. Katie Treggiden along with MagCulture’s Jeremy Leslie launched Fiera in 2014 in a successful plight to both summarise and articulate all those carefully curated design shows both nationally & internationally. The idea was born when Katie was on her way home on a journey from hell after visiting yet another inspiring design show. Think wet shoes, clothes & traffic delays and you kinda get the idea – yet Katie believed that someone should actually document all these shows with such a vast growing number of them and yet so little time for one person to see them all. Fiera is a thick, chunky bi-annual publication jam-packed with emerging, young & established designers (as well as those behind the scenes). Issue one is already out now with issue two in the works.

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If I’m honest – Intern is a magazine which is truly akin to my own personal values & ethos. The power of the intern is such a strong force of strength yet has been exploited by so many. An internship is a two-way street, a learning process to discover more about a new industry & craft yet it’s an opportunity for a company to gain new blood, gain fresh ideas and also gain a beneficial addition to their workforce. As this is an added benefit to a company either emerging or established I believe all internships should be structured & paid regardless. Now that I’ve gotten off my proverbial soap-box – Intern has stepped into a grab which champions the good work that emerging talented interns and creative companies do. This partnership and collaborative feel between intern, internship and company feels organic and morally strong. With two issues already done & dusted they spark lively insightful debates surrounding the topic of internships as well as the body of work and initiatives of those involved.

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I discovered this wholesome magazine whilst having a conversation with Smug Store Founder Lizzie Evans and Mapology Guides Founder Tina Berstein.  Hole & Corner is a pure celebration of passion, beauty & craft and focuses on those who put content before style, who spend more time ‘doing’ in contrast to talking a good game. Written by a dedicated yet humble team of skilled writers this independent magazine is both pure in style & content and really recognises those creative & highly skilled artisans who otherwise might not have previously had a significant level of exposure in print. Last year for the London Design Festival the Hole & Corner team set up a pop-up office at Forge & Co. in Shoreditch to write the magazine whilst engaging with their readers (such a great idea). Hole & Corner is already on issue 4 with issue 5 being curated as well speak.

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Think beauty, clean lines, travel and inspiration and you’ll be half way to envisioning this beautifully contained magazine. Although extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye there is certainly an abundance of content over style here. Curated by Editor Rosa Park this bi-annual publication divides itself into city-specific chapters. A dream read for travel buffs & travel seekers or those who enjoy exploring new spaces  from diverse destinations, Cereal captures this distinctive narrative though breath-taking (and envious) photography paired with intellectually written content.

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I stumbled across Design Anthology during their first edition. This Asian quarterly indie magazine is an interior designers dream. A clean looking, thick publication full of interior interviews, designs and architecture I find it extremely difficult to put down. What I love particularly about this magazine is the fact that not only do they include the incredible photography of some of the best hotels & spaces around the world but they also include the sketches (something which is imperative to the design process). In a celebration of the burgeoning creative & cultural scene in Asia the magazine is printed in Hong Kong and available internationally.

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Social media is such a blessing and it certainly played its hand in my fate with the magazine. Discovering Magnify through instagram (you gotta love instragram) and after careful research & intrigue I instantly fell for their concept. In essence Magnify offers a distinctive platform for women to explore the Christian faith & discuss how Christianity impacts on being a women in todays society.  With so many highly opinionated individuals taking to social media to air their views on faith it can be quite ‘intimidating’ shall we say to stand proud of your beliefs without feeling the unnecessary negativity that can follow. Being of Catholic faith myself it’s so refreshing to find a beautifully produced magazine that not only embodies the values of Christianity but through it, empowers & showcases women through faith, feminism & fashion. Established in 2009 by Founder Ruth Awogbade issue one of the magazine interviews Blogger & Founder of Park & Cube – Shini Park in addition to leading figures in business, fashion, arts & entertainment.

Jason Grant Launches Book 2: Holiday At Home

I’m so ecstatic to announce on my blog that Interior Stylist & creative genius Jason Grant will be launching his second book Holiday At Home this Fall. I will be reviewing Jason’s new book later this year but until then, here is an insightful preview of what’s to come.

Can’t wait till then? Then get your hands on his latest book A Place Called Home.

Credit: Holiday At Home – Mr Jason Grant from Lauren Bamford on Vimeo.

Book Review: Decorate with Flowers

Holly Becker never fails to surprise me. Having taken her class Blogging your Way 2.0 a few years ago and having a slight addiction to her previous book Decorate Workshop I was so excited to discover that she has now teamed up with fellow creative and Canadian Stylist/Photographer Leslie Shewring to produce her latest book Decorate with Flowers. I don’t know about you but I’m always intrigued at how flowers can transform an interior space, instantaneously brighten up a room. In Holly’s latest book, this dynamic duo use their relaxed approached to demonstrate step-by-step, how you can curate your own craft project to tastefully add a bit of charisma and personality to your home. One of my favourite sections in the book is the ‘Entertaining Ideas’ section where you learn some really interesting ways to glam up your tabletops when entertaining. Crammed full of very useful hints & tips there are so many endless ways to decorate with flowers.

Decorate with Flowers: Buy Now

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Review: Joanna Thornhill’s Home For Now

We are generation rent – 

With house prices sky-rocketing at an intergalactic rate it’s practically impossible (not completely, but almost) to buy a place to call your own. Until that inevitable dream comes true we reside in our Home For Now’, transforming our rented pad into a space which reflects who we truly are. For this reason, I am so excited to review  Home For Now – a new, exciting book from fellow blogger & Stylist Joanna Thornhill. Reminiscing about my first rented home many years ago I loved the magic of turning what was once a drab, soulless space which did little to reflect my personality and style, into a bright, fun, stylish abode. Even back then the interior eye was working hard!

Jo’s new book is the holy grail for generation rent, taking the every-day stress and turmoil out of making your home reflect and project your personal style. The book is sliced up into juicy segments full of neat ways to inject life into your abode. From living spaces to kitchens, bedrooms to workspaces and even the great outdoors, there’s nowhere for your rented space to hide with this book. Jo has carefully selected loads of great homes, apartments and gardens illustrating such clever techniques on how to add that magic touch!

My verdict is simple – a great, unique interiors guide that the world of renters have been waiting for! 


 I’m so delighted for Jo and with her book debut under her belt there’s no stopping this interiors legend!

Congrats Jo.