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Welcome, I’m Mary-Ellen Paul and this is the HOP Design Studio Blog. My blog is a celebration of creativity, design & intellectual inspired conversation. Starting my blog in 2011 (under the name HOP Interiors) it had always evolved as a creative outlet for my innate passion for Interior Design. Since then I’ve worked on international blogger events in Amsterdam & Sweden and have created posts for large brands.

Beyond this body of work, my persistent sense of adventure led me to pursue a Masters in Interior Architecture in 2014. After many late nights, copious amounts of coffee and 18,000 words later this experience allowed me to further expand my mind & point-of-view. With my mind now stretching full of additional creative ideas growing beyond interiors, this blog also includes graphics, illustration, fashion and photography as I continue my journey.

The HOP Design Studio is a fun, insightful blog – a creative space to hang out & enjoy my observations of the creative world whilst having you say too. Join me on my mission to champion creativity.



Each page including the content on my blog has been carefully created by me. I enjoy sharing information and enjoy nothing more than others who are inspired to share my content through links on their own blogs or sites. I do however, ask that you do not copy/or duplicate my exact designs, layout or content without prior consent or noting its origins on your posts and/or site. All photography taken by me must also be credited and linked to the original post. Any comments that are deemed inappropriate (including general spam, obscene comments or language, self-promotional spam/comments or other unrelated items) will be deleted.

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