Brighton Rocks

Whilst out in Brighton not only was I reviewing the Artist Residence Hotel, but I was also keeping a keen design eye on the many talented designers and interior stores located there. Brighton is full of little nooks & corners of creative treasures, many filled with unique pieces. Here are just a few of my favourite spaces to shout about.

Unlimited Shop & Gallery

Unlimited Shop & Gallery is a delightful space located on 10 Church Street, right in the heart of Brighton. Full of independent designers the store even sells many of the unique pieces of artwork within the hotel. The gallery of photos above is just a snippet of the depth & breadth of creative talent sourced & sold within the store.

10 Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1US

Artist Republic

Artist Republic was a gallery highly recommended to me by hotel owner Charlie. Having mainly sourced key artists work from this store, Artist Republic is an ethical store which pays all artists in full for their work which has to be commended. With over 5,000 prints, above are two pieces by artist Sara Pope which really screams ‘Artist Residence’ and has a quirky style. I could see this piece sitting perfectly in my hallway or a studio space. If you’re looking for an extra splash of colour or even something slightly paired back then head to this store.

From the UK: 0345 646 1234    Outside the UK: +44 1273 766360

Artist Residence Brighton Wheel

Workshop Living

Think Kinfolk-in-true -life-form and you kinda get the idea of the charisma & aesthetic contained within Workshop Living. Filled to the brim with kitchen, bathroom, utility and household elements this store is a great find for those who prefer a more minimalistic feel to their space.

13a Prince Albert St, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1HE

Don’t miss out

The beauty of architecture, nature and the coast are all encased within this strip of land. Whilst keeping an eye out for great stores to visit I also visited devil’s Dyke (a little piece of Yorkshire), The Royal Pavillion Gardens and also Brighton Pier during sunset. I always find that stepping outside the interiors box allows my creativity to flow and see the beauty of what my location really has to offer.

All images are my own (with the exception of artwork by sara pope)

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