Personal Style: Home Made

I’ve never really shared my own personal distinctive style on my blog. By this I mean my personal style for my own home as opposed to my style on an interior project. Many bloggers shoot their own homes for their blog and many of my readers have asked to take a peek inside my own home to see exactly how I put together my own sense of style. The truth is, although I’d love to do so, I don’t actually own my own home…yet! I say yet because like most London singletons, it’s a bit of a ‘hoop dance’ to own your first home so until then it’s either a whole lot of renting or residing in the family home. With that said, as ‘yet’ is still to come and whilst I work towards owning my own home I’ve been putting together some of my favourite key items for when that time does come to share on my blog. is a brand I’ve been secretly obsessing over (let’s face it, there’s nothing secret about this obsession) and since planning for my own pad I’ve been scanning for key pieces to place in my home. Kicking off with the living room – my favourite colours (despite many believing it’s pink) are navy, blues and corals. Tip: Once you have your core colour (or colours) it’s also wise to pick a few ‘pairing colours’ to compliment your scheme. These additional colours can be used in other interior pieces such as cushions, prints & textiles. For instance candy, peach and silver-grey all work well with my navy combo and compliment each other well.The key elements to interior design 101 is the lighting (always know where your light is) and your colour palette. Seasons and trends change which is why I always like my key main pieces to stay classic.

Made-Collection-Home-3.1One thing I love is to curl up on a big comfy sofa, don’t you too? That feeling of homeliness is really key for me and I think this sofa really does have that stamped all over it. The-devil-is-in-the-detail and although at first sight it may appear simple in style, I just love the added detail of the multi-coloured buttons – subtle yet simple, perfect! Incorporating my favourite colour navy into the scheme with these matching armchairs also helps to give the silver-grey sofa a bit of a lift, pulling it away from what could potentially have been a bland scheme. I actually adore the way these just wrap around you, almost encasing you into a zone of comfort & relaxation. It literally makes me want to leap on in there with my iPad and a warm tea.

With changing trends, this is where the accessories come in. Keeping up with trends can be tricky but that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice interior tastes a result. I always swear by the phrase; ‘the power is in the accessories’. Tip: If there’s a trend you’re dying to incorporate into your home but don’t want the hassle (or the enormous bill) of renovating your entire living room but want to add a fresh trend then upgrade with accessories. I’ve fallen for stripes & geometrics and these sports luxe cushions definitely have the upgrade interior factor. This colour palette is great for Spring/Summer and will add a clear sense of sunshine to my living room space.

I’m not necessarily a fan of having loads of furniture around me and prefer a minimalistic look & feel. But above all, I hate having a non-functional space where function is overlooked by style. Have you ever been to a living space where you sit down but there’s nowhere convenient to put your book or place your drink, for example? This side table is perfect for me. It’s just the right size too (not too big – not too small) for placing a simple table light for reading.

So what do you think of my first personal style post? Feel free to email me, Instagram or tweet your responses (or questions).

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