Crawling With Culture

Maggies-Culture-Crawl-HOP-Design-Studio-Blog-2Blogging about a charity at first glance might not be something you’d instantly think I’d write about however, embracing architecture, culture and interiors is a profound element to the success of Maggie’s Cancer Trust. Maggie’s is a charity which offers free, practical & emotional support to those with cancer in addition to their family & friends. Great architecture paired with a unique yet stimulating interior has always been the keystone to the care that Maggie’s provides. And with that, each year hosts the Maggie’s Culture Crawl – a fun yet jammed-packed cultural run/walk/crawl to both raise awareness & funds to their cause.

Having attended the press preview a few weeks ago, I can tell you all that this year goes beyond the creative boundary and into a discovery of hidden spaces, people & places. I can reveal that this year’s crawl will take runners through to hidden creative spaces like the Chelsea Physic Garden, design practice Foster + Partners Studio (who are the official architects behind the Maggie’s centres) and the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The route also takes you through to hidden corners such as Brompton cemetery and Hyde Park Corner with a tonne of cultural surprises along the way from a variety of creative disciplines. The event’s curator, Sandy Nairne told us;

“It’s a privilege to curate the 2015 Maggie’s Culture Crawl, a 15-mile cultural night-walk that will cross London. As a selector…this is the most intriguing creative and curatorial challenge. My theme for this year is People and Places. I like the idea of telling stories that connect people to places that may not get noticed – finding the hidden connections“.

With a 6:30pm start the culture crawl will take place on Friday 18th September, and with the night tube running all night you’ll be sure to have a fun, relaxed ride home. Sign-up for the event and take part.

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