Sleep Retreat

A good nights sleep is so important these days. With each of us needing at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day, a bad nights sleep coupled with a Monday morning commute, a pressing deadline and meetings can make a busy day 10 times worse. Even though I always knew the importance of this part of my day I really didn’t acknowledge that simple, little tweaks to my nightly routine could greatly enhance my quality of sleep.  One of the first things to cross check is your bedding, your sleep space and your pillows. I must admit I can be a stickler for checking my instagram & twitter feeds in bed but by simply stepping away from your devices, and the TV at night, it allows you to mentally switch off and chill out putting you in the right mood for sleep. Although it’s not exactly rocket science you’ll be amazed at just how much of a difference it can make.

Secondly it’s vital to get the right bedding and pillows. How many times have you woken up with a sore neck or from being far too warm in the middle of the night?! Soak & Sleep have a huge change of soft linens which not only feel amazingly soft but are extremely breathable, making it the perfect added touch to a good nights slumber. I love this bedding above – super chic and great for adding some coolness to your interior scheme. I’m usually the one who loves to cuddle my pillow at night with a good firm pillow, so I was extremely pleased to find my perfect match. After my assessment with the Soak & Sleep team I chose the Hungarian goose down pillow which I totally adore. Not only does it offer me incredible support but it extremely comfortable which is key.

Yoga can also be a great way to unwind especially after an exhausting day at work or a busy hectic day. Triyoga Teacher Natasha Kerry taught us just how effective 10-15 minutes of yoga can be just before bedtime. By sparing at least this amount of time to concentrate on your breathing techniques and specific yoga stretches it can really help you unwind & relax. Natsha’s yoga techniques can also be found on her You Tube page if you’d like to test them out.

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