The Invisible Store of Happiness

Clerkenwell Design Week 2015 is literally almost upon us and each year I await with bated breath as to what surprises they will throw at us each year. It’s no surprise that Clerkenwell Design Week is one of my favourite design events due to its pure authenticity, materiality and the emerging designers that show. Rather than reviewing the same familiar designers, this show is always filled with a refreshing splash of creativity through those that show and those that create installations to accompany the show. This lead me to the invisible store of happiness a project supported by the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) and curated by bright stars Furniture Designer/Maker Sebastian Cox and Artist Laura Ellen Bacon. These two crafters have combined their skills & craftsmanship to curate a unique installation for the entrance of the historic Museum of the Order of St John in Clerkenwell.  Sebastian and Luara have used rich woods such as maple and cherry to manually sculpt, bend and secure this monumental sculpture. Sustainability is key to both designers and the woods used have been carefully considered. According to Sebastian – “We can also use data from AHEC and the US Forest Service to calculate how quickly timbers we use get replaced in the U.S. forests through natural regeneration. I was fascinated to see the speed at which the timber I used in the Wish List project [for the London Design Festival 2014] was regenerated in the American woodlands. I believe the entire design community should be more aware of LCA and we should be dedicated to measuring the environmental impact of the things we design and make. Similarly, people should be able to know the true environmental impact of the things they buy and have in their home. Projects like this demonstrate the importance of things like LCA”.

Below I’ve included a visual dialogue of the detailed design process undertaken by both Sebastian and Laura in the curation of the invisible store of happiness.

PHOTOGRAPHY | CARO COMMUNICATIONS – Invisible Store of Happiness
| 19-21 MAY 2015

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