Inspiration from Oh Joy!

If you signed up to my blog newsletter you’d have noticed that I’ve given it a little shake up and have themed April’s edition around 4 creative tasks that you can start today (if you missed out then you can always sign up here). One of my creative tips was to attend the Blogtacular event. All of these tips are tasks I’ve actually completed personally and have enhanced my mindset & creative ability. One reason I attended the events debut last year was to hear keynote Joy Cho of Oh Joy! (yes THAT Joy Cho) talk about her career, successes and the inevitable pitfalls. I’ve shared Joy’s keynote filmed by the Blogtacular team below however, I did want to share some of the thought-provoking tips she shared with us on the day.

It’s extremely important to realise that we’re not ‘just’ bloggers. To be honest I think we all go above-and-beyond being ‘just’ bloggers. I’m a blogger/designer/writer/marketer/PR rep for the blog/social media journalist/contributor. I work with brands and I do all this in my spare time. Although I am extremely passionate about my blog and designing interiors this doesn’t define me as a person. I’m still crazy Mary and love to catch up with the girls – I think that’s key when being all those things above. Joy also explains that you need to decide what it is that YOU want to do then research ways to get there.  She reminisced on how not being able to obtain her dream job at Anthropologie resulted in her taking the initiative to start her own blog. This has led to her, amongst other things, having her own line at Target, her own stationery & wallpaper line plus her 3rd book ’60 Ways To Create & Give Joy’. Sometimes a knock-back can really be a blessing in disguise. Lastly the ability to realise that you must knock on every (virtual) door and do something that scares you is very important. As they say (and I know it’s incredibly corny) ‘nothing grows from your comfort zone’ and that’s true. With the increase and addiction we all have to instagram & social media more golden opportunities are popping up online with our ability to connect. That said, this can also expose new & exciting opportunities to do something special which might appear scary. This recently happened to me when I saw the opportunity to be part of the judging panel as part of The Evening Standard Homes & Property 2015 Awards. I was apprehensive initially but that was overridden by the excitement. After being invited to down to the Evening Standard offices to meet the team I was selected as a judge. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and go for it if it’s too good an opportunity to miss! Joy has recently commenced a new vlog series called ‘Oh Joy Answers’ where she answers some of our most burning questions to-date.

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