A Healthy Mind



  • A handful of fresh strawberries.
  • One medium banana (diced).
  • A handful of blueberries.
  • A generous slice of avocado (diced).
  • Alpro Almond Milk (I use almond or milk as I’m allergic to milk).

  1. Add all the fruits together in the nutribullet container. 
  2. Add the milk to the ‘max’ level on the container (if you don’t have the nutribullet just add the milk 3/4 of the way up but not completely covering the fruit).
  3. Blend & enjoy!
  4. Add honey and blend to add additional sweetness.
Main Image Credited: wholeyum.com

Main Image Credited: wholeyum.com

Recently I managed to get swept into the whole healthy eating-smoothie bandwagon that seems to be doing the rounds. Actually I say that in jest as I’m totally loving the boost it gives me (as well as the joy of making my own smoothies). Whilst out over the weekend I was after a much needed cool-down-pick-me-up and headed to one of my favourite coffee/smoothie cafes to recharge. I won’t name & shame but as I watched the staff concoct my “smoothie” I was mortified as this overfilled gloop (which he levelled off with his finger might I add – that’s a deal breaker for me) ended up being my purchase. Having left the cafe I vowed never to go back and repeatedly told myself – “I can make this at home, I make this every morning”! Arriving home, two trains later and exhausted, I decided I would share some of my morning smoothie recipes (and this story) with my readers so that you too can make your own everyday.

We currently have the formidable Nutribullet – the smoothie blender that seems to have swept the UK and has been sold out for months! It’s incredibly easy to use & create on-the-fly as you use the cup as the container and once you add all your ingredients you’re just two blasts away from your perfect morning smoothie. It’s important to know what goes into my smoothies so I use blueberries, packed with omega-3, Omega-6, vitamins C and K. I also add avocado which is brimming with protein and monounsaturated fat, essential for healthy brain development along with Alpro almond milk – being milk intolerant. Try out the recipe above that I’ve created and regularly use. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.    

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