Time To Blush

Images Credited: Copper Vases | Vans Shoes | Copper Lights | Marc Jacobs Watch | Fur | Model | Shimmer Coat | Copper House | Chairs | Door Pull | Copper Wire Images Credited: Copper Vases | Vans Shoes | Copper Lights | Marc Jacobs Watch | Fur | Model | Shimmer Coat | Copper House | Chairs | Door Pull | Copper Wire

>>Incorporating the 2015 colour trends can be more easily said than done at times. Pantone’s colour of the year Marsala is quite a harsh dark colour for the Spring/Summer months and can, to be honest, become quite dominating if not executed correctly. This prompted me to write a post dedicated to incorporating this trend together with the Copper Blush phenomena into everyday life – the home.

One basic rule is – less is more. It is not a necessity to dowse your home in layers of warm tones of rich marsala hues. Instead take a paired back approach by adding subtle sprinkles of this colour through accessories & soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs. Unlike marsala, copper is far easier to translate without inadvertently dominating your home. Below I’ve translated this trend with a few simple items which will pull your interior space into the new trend.

>> Grey and muted hues are great anchor colours for this bold trend. This Pearl Grey Richie Sofa (1) is perfect for adding a touch of spring to the home with bright cushion accessories, yet it can be spiced up with a dash of marsala without being too obtrusive. I fell in love with this Karlsson Clock (2) the moment I locked eyes with it at the Dulux presentation. This is a stubtle yet sophisticated way of introducing the copper blush trend into your home. Summer nights can be quite chilly at times and a Plaid Throw (3) can not only be a great way to warm up but also a nice touch to add some colour & spice into your home. A rug is a right way of introducing a natural base colour to the home to help pull together a scheme or palette. This Tekari Rug (5) is just right for this trend – It has texture to add depth and a natural tone to anchor the scheme. You may choose to take it to another level and go bold. This Petal Pusher Wallpaper (7) designed by Designer & Blogger Oh Joy! is one of my favourite pieces and is an example of how you can incorporate the copper blush trend into your home. Everyone needs storage which is why I pulled this Capri Storage Box (4) – an ideal solution for storing magazines, cushions or throws. For a scheme to work you have to think about all the moving parts – this includes lighting. Plumen is a brand which I adore and this Rehm Pendant Light (8) is not only extremely classy but encompasses the copper trend to a T! The senses are imperative to interior design & interior architecture. Product & Interior Designer Tom Dixon cleverly incorporates luxurious scents together with beautiful packaging in his Scented Candle (6) range.

Question is, which one is your favourite piece? And how do you envisage incorporating this trend into your home?

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