A Creative Voice

>>It’s for reasons like this that I obsessively write about design and am fuelled by the developments within the industry. The last few months have seen the recent launch of the Creative Industries Federation – and it couldn’t have come soon enough. Finally some of the most innovative pioneers in the creative industries have consolidated to create a federation fortified by a creative community which aims to take control of its own destiny. To be perfectly honest, it’s about time that as a creative industry we had a body which not only claims to support our industries but wholeheartedly fights for it and its plight. With the government pledging to invest £141 million into a fruitful project to turn the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park into an ‘Olympicopolis’ of culture and education, this is a perfect opportunity to shine a proverbial spotlight on our sector. My only question is, with an organisation working so closely with the UK government how will it ensure that our unique voices do not become stifled by stuffy bureaucracy and red tape? The CIF is based at the renowned UAL Central Saint Martins campus and membership is now live


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