Crafting Luxury: Richard Brendon Part I

“What is luxury?” is a question I’ve been pondering for the vast majority of 2013 as part of my masters degree in Interior Architecture. To me (and many) luxury is not the ostentatious stereotypical element of design, it is a refined quality filled with a distinctive narrative, the handmade attention to detail and time (quality time in fact). Richard Brendon – a young talented Designer, strongly believes in this philosophy and has grounded his manufacturing process of ceramics in the very heart of Britain’s pottery zeitgeist – Stoke-on-Trent (a location renowned for the ceramics trade). In this photographic narrative we share the story of Brendon’s philosophy, meticulous attention to detail and artisan craft which perpetuates throughout his body of work.  Only when we navigate through this traditional, British manufacturing process can we then begin to truly understand the elements of refinement, dynamism and true luxury.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Richard Brendon

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