Work In Progress: Material Manipulation

>> The Royal College of Art – Work-in-progress 2015 postgraduate show promised to engage me through “diversity and interactivity” and did they? They certainly did – in abundance! The RCA have (to my extreme delight) curated a series of ‘Work-in-Progress’ shows to showcase the interim work & projects of the various creative MA and postgraduate schools. This time round it was the class of 2015 at the School of Materials. Certainly diverse and priming with interactivity what I noticed from the body of work from each student was the level of detail and the development of the narrative from each concept. One piece which drew me was Jimin Seo’s ‘Encoded Messages’ research. Studying a PhD in Textiles Seo explores the concept of messaging & encoded messages in our daily lives. Through his exploration based on how these are weaved into our everyday lives he has created a textile with encoded patterns embedded within the very fabric. Within the realms of ceramics & glass Shane Porter portrays the narrative of memories in a simple yet elegant piece. Illustrating the fact that memories are more akin to nature & intelligible structures than objects, Porter looks for the ‘in-betweenness’ and blur of vague recollections.  

Photography: HOP Design Studio |  WWW.RCA.AC.UK

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