A New Studio

Credited: Death to Stock Photo Credited: Death to Stock Photo

After a long strenuous year filled with the clichéd ups & downs (will I hand in that enormous thesis on time or will I crash and burn) I came out the other end a postgraduate having completed my masters in Interior Architecture, brimming with ideas. Refusing to let my creative vigor hibernate I decided to re-launch my original creative blog HOP Interiors into a more refined, carefully curated blog-resource of catalogued discussions entitled the HOP Design Studio. In the words of kinkolk Editor Georgia Frances King it was the right time ‘to look back on the past, make some [valuable] changes and reemerge from [my] self-imposed cocoon’ with purpose. With an industry over-saturated with interior, lifestyle & design blogs I really wanted to redevelop and rebrand my blog giving it greater depth, substance and context. This in turn will allow both my content and viewpoints to become the focus point.

From my new blog you can expect to see a heightened sense of passion for design which shines through a matured tone. Taking a paired down, sophisticated approach the studio will be a place that dissects, discusses and questions key issues within the design industry whilst simultaneously championing new & emerging talent. Mixing interiors, fashion, architecture, graphics & food plus a generous dish of photography, we aim to provide a vast amount of creative discussion.

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