The Wallpaper* Apartment

Design is in my blood and like the design blood-hound that I am I love discovering new and interesting collaborations and design concepts. Wallpaper* a magazine at the height of the design, architectural and creative world is certainly akin to my inquisitive nature for design. Having been an avid reader of the publication I began to wonder “If wallpaper* did apartments?” – and as if they had read my mind, they did precisely that.

Over the weekend the creative publication opened up their doors turning one lucky apartment on 155 Cadogan Street into an embodiment of its personality and uniqueness together with modern, stylish London living. Through purity of form, bold silhouettes and a distinguished design aesthetic through materiality, this apartment had a clear, distinctive palette. Designed by the Wallpaper* team in collaboration with the Cadogan estate the team commissioned distinguished pieces like the ‘The Console Pipe Show’ by Hervé van der Straeten and the bespoke lobby desk piece by Mathias Hahn to reinforce their design.

This installation however begged me to probe and ask the question “Can a magazine turn their talents and the pages of their publication into a well-considered interior design?” I believe so – the main focus of interior design is being able to follow and understand your clients’ needs in addition to creating a carefully-considered design. Although created as an installation and temporary piece this space clearly had a vision of architectural British heritage, luxury and a bold aesthetic.  Each space had direction coupled with a considered yet articulated design which shows that a publication, thinking outside the pages of the magazine, can not only promote the level of talent within it but also help to showcase a unique, tangible experience.

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