Maggie’s Culture Crawl

Design is a discipline appreciated by many and it’s fascinating to see just how much design can actually change, adapt, assist, transform and revolutionise our daily lives. This is even more evident at the Maggie’s Cancer trust centres. Maggie’s is not just an organisation, which currently supports those with cancer but it is changing their individual lives in a personal and unique way. Like many of you, cancer is a something which has affected my own life. My dearest friend & best bud Vikki was diagnosed with Hotchkins Lymphoma a few years ago (and now has been given the all clear) whilst in 2008 my Granddad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With centres like Maggie’s they not only help to lift spirits but can also offer a space where you can leave the C word at the front door and just ‘be’, socialise and relax without the buzz word.  

It is precisely this passion and initiative which initially compelled me to take part in the 2014 Maggie’s Culture Crawl. In association with Open House and with a creative route curated by renowned Interior Designer Ab Rogers, the culture crawl will see hundreds of supporters exploring the key creative hubs and design institutions which are otherwise closed to the public. With access to places such as Fosters & Partners studio – Maggie’s supporters will also receive exciting surprises along the way. I’m really honoured to be asked to take part and felt really compelled to support such an indescribable inspirational charity. Sadly however, over the last few days due to unforeseen circumstances I can not longer take part in the crawl. A decision not taken lightly I was gutted to have to pull out at such a late stage but so happy for the charity as I know it will be an awesome event.

Maggie’s has oodles of exciting surprises in store such as Innocent Smoothies, private mini performances from the Royal Ballet with the exquisite backdrop of the Dunbar Court at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. There will also be a line-up on nine stand-up comedians plus creative workshops from TV Presenter and Actress Janet Ellis to look forward to.

The crawl will take place on September 19 and there’s still time to enter. If you’re up for a creative crawl and want to support an incredible charity then come and join in, get your running shoes on and sign up here.

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