Get Storage Savvy with Dwell

With the new season well away I always like to keep organised and declutter my living space – start packing away all the Summer bits with a view to shop the new autumn/winter season.

In collaboration with Dwell and with this in mind, having looked at the new seasons colour palette I’ve  curated a key-piece collection of  storage solvers which can be paired perfectly with the new autumn/winter colours to suite the modest budget.

The living room is where most of us spend our time socialising whilst kicking back with a chilled glass of wine & nibbles – so why not do it in style? I like the discreet storage space in this low leve lstorage coffee table (1). With clean lines and clever storage it’s a great place to store coffee table books for a minimalist look.

Adding a warm hue of yellow to your dining room scheme (a colour which will pack a bunch over the season) I’ve picked this spacious yet cleverly designed four drawer side-table (8).

If you’re looking to turn up the colour dial then this will certainly do the job whilst providing innovative storage for the home. If you’re limited for storage space in your living room (which, if you live in London like me chances are that it’s a strong possibility) but love to have your books on display, why not used this mini shelf (3) paired with a few oversized candles. I adore this for both colour and finish and with such a reasonable price point it’s certainly a great investment.

Whilst designing I love to keep a mini collection of the beautiful things that inspire me and this can come in the form of well-considered publications such Kinfolk, Cereal and Living Etc (to name but a few). This magazine tote (7) neatly fits all of my creative magazines in a contemporary way and in this muted grey with a cosy texture it’s perfect for the new season.

In the home office it is always essential to have a clear sense of order and organisation – a tidy place is a tidy mind as they say. With that said I’ve picked these storage cupboard (4 & 5) choices, great for storing interior fabric boxes, files and other office bits. I’ve also added a splash of yellow with a contemporary desk curve bin (5) (I must they, this is on my purchase list).

Sometimes with storage you need versatility and these storage baskets (2) are ideal for those little nic-nacs which you can’t quite find a place for but just need to store in a organised way. They come in various sizes and are super for storing washi-tape, toiletries or even office supplies. I’ve tried and tested it and I must say they are superb for those little storage jobs.

Like the office, I also like a clean and tranquil sleep space and with so many clothes really like the clever sorting bins within this laundry basket (9). Tried and tested, it’s the easiest way to separate your darks and bright whites on-the-go whilst added simplicity to your scheme. I really like the purity of it and with such a simple design, will look great all year round.

Images Credited: Dwell

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