Colour Mixing to Shake Up Your Pad

With a simply click of the calendar Summer seems to have sneakily slipped away from us however the new seasons colour trends haven’t. This season it seems to be the first time in a long time that pristine pastels and saucy sorbets have coaxed their way into the Autumn/Winter palette. Over the next six months of the autumnal/winter season we can look forward to smooth creams, warm marshmallow pinks and for the first time sorbet lemons following through in interior products, wall finishes and paints.

Alongside these soft hues there is also the bold and beautiful – colours for the home that will ensure a warm shake-up and a fresh revival to your interior. Vibrant cobalt blue and sophisticated mulled-wine hues plus cheerful mustards will be making their way into the colourways and wallcoverings palette.  

If you’re looking to inject elements of the new autumn palette into your home then why not test out the new Colour Mix Lab from Dulux and mix the perfect colour-combo at Homebase. Above Dulux have really captured the colour-combo capabilities from the lab illustrating just how bold you can be with colour.

At the Mix Lab you can find a flawless hue to match perfectly with your favourite wallpaper sample or fabric. The lab also assists you with choosing the right finish depending on the complexity or the environment of your interior scheme to ensure that the desired finish is attained.

Images Credited: Dulux

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