Kit Kemp Takes Over Ham Yard

Since I’ve been working on my final MA project, which is centred around the DNA of luxury hotel design I have met some talented, down-to-earth designers and creatives alike. Through my research I was fortunate to meet Sally Salam – Contributor at Condé Nast Traveller UK Magazine who enthusiastically informed me about the opening of Ham Yard – a new London based hotel. Sally has been extremely supportive and being passionate about this subject I had an exclusive tour of the new kid on the block.

Designed by one of the most innovative designers in the hotel design stratosphere Kit and Time Kemp have carefully created their latest edition Ham Yard which is a celebration of all that is luxurious – colour, handmade, bespoke one-off’s, craftsmanship and above all – fun. It is pure creative wizardry how the design team have incorporated a sense of fun at every turn into this latest project by using bold colour palettes, utilising the opportunity to inject a true sense of fun into the scheme achieving understated yet high-end luxury.

As part of my visit, having reviewed Kit’s latest book – A Living Space I’m so delighted that we share the same ethos in relation to design. A strong believer that interior spaces should be ‘living’ spaces as opposed to stuffy institutions, Kit begins by expressing her take on luxury. From the outset of my design project I insisted on incorporating an added sixth sense within the DNA of my design process – so it was such a happy coincidence that Kit also believes in this philosophy by adding a sense of fun into her projects.

Through the carefully curated chapters in the book Kit guides you through the intriguing world of firmdale and design fundamentals which proceed it. This creative guide is certainly on my must-have list and highly recommended for budding designers and creatives alike.

Images Credited: Firmdale Hotels

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