Living Room in Blue Hues

Oh, it’s so good to be home isn’t it. The warmth and familiarity of your own space is a key element to the transition from making your house feel like home. With Heart Home launching an inspiring interior competition in collaboration with Good To Be Home magazine’s debut it’s inspired me to visualise and play around with my own ideal home wish list. With this in mind I’ve decided to but together a dream scheme for own living room space. I’m a huge fan of the distinguished gentleman look and find pleasure in refined details and visually stimulating. I think this really pulls through in the concept I’ve created above. Paired down blue hues blended together with dusk white touches really works well with bold hard solid cherry woods and bold bright lights.

This has then been translated into a medley of calm and classic interiors. Full of texture, depth and also a cool palette, warmth – this scheme is does have that definition and refined look. Firstly the adore parquet flooring and this charming dark solid wood which helps to unite the scheme, pulling it together. I like using the work of local artists and interiors and really admire the work of Lee Broom. Here I’ll pulled his coffee table with matching table lamps which not only conveys the narrative but it also has that East End cultural feel. How could you not want to curl but with a good book and ponder your next creative adventure of this cosy velvet sofa by Heals. This striking bold bolt blue really speaks volumes yet adds a sense of luxury. The Heal’s Cohen pendent light was a no brainer for me. The light is bold but not too over powering plus the added touch of copper really gives it that touch of class. To finish the scheme I’ve gone for two Farrow & Ball colours – in Lulworth Blue and Cornforth White. Together these colours really to marry the concept and the interior perfectly. What do you think of this scheme? And what’s your favourite elements of home?

Images credited (Concept Board): Top: Taps Pocket Watch Coffee Pot Distinguished gentleman Bottom: ON Lights Stools Shower scheme

One thought on “Living Room in Blue Hues

  1. Le guide douche says:

    I personnally love th blue sofa (nber 7). This shape is pretty unusual to me and also this deep blue looks fantastic. I'd probably marry it with lamp nber 6. Lovely items.


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