My Interview with Kelly Hoppen: The Luxe of Luxury

HOP: Do you feel that; touch, smell, sight, sound and taste play a key part in depicting luxury?

KH: Definitely, certain smells, sights, sounds and tastes are luxurious, some more than others. A lot of it is down to personal preference but I don’t think any of the senses should be hit with anything too overpowering. Luxury should be subtle and tasteful  – it is about teasing the senses to work in harmony by creating a balanced and peaceful environment.

HOP: Do you think that the rise of the boutique hotel has transformed that idea of luxury?

KH: Boutique hotels can be extra special as they are unique and give individuals that feeling of having a tailored experience. I think they are starting to change peoples’ idea of luxury in this sense. I love staying at boutique hotels personally, the service can be fantastic! I must say there is something exceptional and distinct about the feel of a boutique hotel.

My research for my MA continues and I’ve been working so hard to dig deep and get under the surface of the term luxury.

Ive been incredibly fortunate to have interviewed so many interesting, diverse and experienced designers, stylists and curators for this project and I wanted to share a snippet of that with you. A few months ago I reached out to Kelly Hoppen MBE, and asked whether she would assist me in my search for the answers to the question; What is luxury?

Kelly kindly said yes and today I wanted to share a little sneaky peek of that interview with you. Here’s Kelly’s thoughts…

HOP: If you could have one intuitive item, indulgence or gadget in your bedroom or your hotel room what would it be?

KH: My 1000 plus thread count bed linen any my and Duxiana mattress for comfort and luxury suited perfectly to me!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank Kelly for assisting with and participating in my research. I am extremely appreciative.

HOP: What is luxury and what does luxury mean to you (both overall and in relation to hotel design)?

KH: Luxury for me is a feeling more than something material. Extreme comfort, contentment and appreciation for something above standard.

HOP: Do you feel that the meaning of Luxury in 2014 has changed in today’s society?

KH: As society evolves so do the standards of luxury. What we saw as luxuries many years ago wouldn’t be considered so nowadays. Luxury is having the time to appreciate life the things around…and so many don’t have the luxury of time in this day and age. Luxury is not about having loads of expensive objects around you – its simplicity and those bare essentials that bring comfort.

Images Credited:

Kelly Hoppen Interiors

5 thoughts on “My Interview with Kelly Hoppen: The Luxe of Luxury

  1. Karolina Barnes says:

    Congratulations, Mary. I follow your blog and know that Kelly Hoppen is your favourite designer! Great interview. Hope it helped with your project work. I was going to comment on your post back in February? But got side tracked a bit.


  2. Mezza@HOP says:

    Thank you Karolina. It really does mean a lot to me that you posted this comment and I really do appreciate your time. So glad you liked our interview. What is your idea of luxury?


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