The Theatre of The Southbank

My twinkle toes didn’t even get a chance to rest from their tour of Shoreditch before I clicked by heels and headed on my next exciting adventure. This time I headed to the Citizen M Hotel along the Southbank. Having mentioned this hotel to everyone I meet after having an initial tour of the place I was not only intrigued but excited to be taking yet another intense journey into discovering the luxe of luxury. I chose Citizen M as one of my case studies for my masters project as their passion and ehos is to create affordable luxury for the people, its citizens – the Citizen M’s. Being a citizen means mobile, be it blogger, business traveller or back-packer this hotel aims to provide the essence, the luxe of luxury. So with that in mind I headed down to the cultural Southbank to see whether this intuitive space really had the luxe effect. Take a visual tour of the hotel and its surroundings below and let me know what you think on twitter.

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