Review: Joanna Thornhill’s Home For Now

We are generation rent – 

With house prices sky-rocketing at an intergalactic rate it’s practically impossible (not completely, but almost) to buy a place to call your own. Until that inevitable dream comes true we reside in our Home For Now’, transforming our rented pad into a space which reflects who we truly are. For this reason, I am so excited to review  Home For Now – a new, exciting book from fellow blogger & Stylist Joanna Thornhill. Reminiscing about my first rented home many years ago I loved the magic of turning what was once a drab, soulless space which did little to reflect my personality and style, into a bright, fun, stylish abode. Even back then the interior eye was working hard!

Jo’s new book is the holy grail for generation rent, taking the every-day stress and turmoil out of making your home reflect and project your personal style. The book is sliced up into juicy segments full of neat ways to inject life into your abode. From living spaces to kitchens, bedrooms to workspaces and even the great outdoors, there’s nowhere for your rented space to hide with this book. Jo has carefully selected loads of great homes, apartments and gardens illustrating such clever techniques on how to add that magic touch!

My verdict is simple – a great, unique interiors guide that the world of renters have been waiting for! 


 I’m so delighted for Jo and with her book debut under her belt there’s no stopping this interiors legend!

Congrats Jo.

One thought on “Review: Joanna Thornhill’s Home For Now

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