Review: Bright.Bazaar – The #MakeYouSmileStyle Book

I am so excited to be writing up today’s post and book review. Actually, I’ve been excited for the past 365 days to write this particular book review – Eeeekkk! If you’re all wondering what on earth I’m blabbering on about then let me shed some light….

Will TaylorMr Bright.Bazaar and Blogger Extraordinaire has translated his personal fun-loving relationship with hue into a Make You Smile Style book. I first met Will two years ago at The Ivy one lovely Summer morning at Kelly Hoppen MBE’s press preview for her TV show debut {what a way to meet someone}. Bright and wonderfully charming as ever, Will was {and is} truly genuine & humble and we’ve been blogger friends ever since.


As soon as you open this extremely well thought out book you’ll notice the interesting mix of

colour, creativity and curation.

Will has such a magical relationship with colour which becomes immediately apparent from the moment you pick up his book. Through his own personal experiences you will be accompanied onto a journey of colour, allowing you to create your own colour palettes, discover your own colour cocktails and inject colour into your own home.


are a great visual aid to see how a scheme truly works {or not} and after each cocktail Will has included a deliciously tantalising moodboard to help demonstrate how they werk!! From furniture & fittings, fabrics, textiles & texture, being able to place them together and have a play with them will certainly help you to create a scheme that works for you and your home. Remember all homes are different and come in all shapes & sizes, this is why this book is just great for providing effective examples of what works & what doesn’t for your homes personal style.

So what’s the verdict:

This book has fast become is my favourite book of 2014. It encourages you to exclude the humdrum elements of life and inject your life with a hue to suit you! From tasty colour cocktails to colour confidence hints & tips this is not just an interiors book but a carefully constructed personal aid to a new hue. 



{and worth every colourful penny} – Thanks Will for sharing such a personal journey with the world.

When he announced last year that he was formulating a book, a beautiful yet powerful extension of Mr Bright.Bazaar’s life, I just knew I would love it and I wouldn’t be disappointed. Slowly but surely the Instagram feeds subtly came through of his travels and shoots. Fast forward to today and I get to review the finished article! Eeeeeek! Admittedly, there is so much I could say about Will’s first book {but one of many I hope} and I’m not going to give too much away. So with that I’ve picked out my top 5 bright.bazaar bits of the book…


Did someone say cocktails?! Yup,

colour cocktails

are in full swing here in Will’s colour filled book. Almost like recipes, these cocktails inspire you to mix & blend different elements of colour into your abode. You really do get a personal feel from his book and there is plenty of guidance to help you to mix and play with different hues. That said you also gain the full confidence to create and curate your own colour-combos and a scheme to suit you. There’s no one-size-fits-all analogy here! You certainly feel like this book has been made and tailored personally to you.


pop-up in all areas of our daily lives, from walking down the street on our daily commute to simply staring out of the window on the bus on your way to another engagement. The point is, inspiration is all around us and it’s certainly jam packed within the first chapter of Will’s book. From 10 Steps to Colour Confidence to Four Ways to Rock Statement Lighting, Will not only makes it fun but super easy to move from interior novice to styling superstar.

Will’s Colour Secrets are little blessings which sneakily pop up throughout this book. Like little nuggets of gold dust sprinkled throughout these pages they provide you with the most amazing bite-size bits of advice and knowledge which you can then implement into your home.

Photographer: HOP Design Studio.

5 thoughts on “Review: Bright.Bazaar – The #MakeYouSmileStyle Book

  1. Emily says:

    Such a beautiful and colourful review! I love your photos and am super proud that you took them at my workshop ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am so loving this book too. I think this one is going to be on my bedside table for a long time to come. x


  2. Mezza@HOP says:

    Thank you Emily. I learnt so much from your #makelightworkshops. It was so inspiring and I've even gone out and got more bits for a shoot I'm working on. *I think you might be seeing me again soon* :-))


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