Mint 2014: So Fresh & So Clean

We’ve finally sprung into spring – hooray and with all this glorious sunshine we’ve had recently in London I thought it would be great to introduce a bit of spring into my blog once again. Mint has been rearing its minty fresh little head over the past few seasons, both in fashion and interiors. I continuously enjoy this crossover of the two disciplines but I am even more intrigued by how a fresh sprig of mint can really freshen up my home.

Living Spaces: Can benefit from this spring trend. Natural materials such as wood and bamboo carefully dipped into this pop of colour can add a new, fun twist to your space. Likewise mixing it put with complimentary colours such as a cool lilac or a pristine peach can help to pull this scheme together.

On a budget? Using accessories such comfy cushions or a new lampshade can also help to pull this trend through.

Baby Boom: Baby rooms are always a favourite to decorate. There’s no need to be stuck in a rut with blue, pink and white hues – just add a touch of mint to give a little cool pop! I’ve used these well styled spaces to illustrate my point. What may seem like a standard nursery designed with a white-washed hue has been reinvented with the navy and mint pops of colour. The trend this spring is all about the natural but also the handmade so these raw, woven rugs really do assist in strengthening that trend in this room. Mint is also a calming colour so it’s ideal for your baby’s first slumber pad.

Working From Home: can always be a pleasure. You wake up and your office is just a few slipper steps away. But sometimes, the home office can seem like the same old space – Am I right?!  Well mint is certainly a colour that will work well here. With spring in full effect why not refurbish your desk by painting it in a cool mint or by adding a nice mint chair to inject this colour trend into this part of the home.

Not sure where to go with this new trend? Worried about creating a whole scheme around mint? I’ve picked a few of my favourite key pieces from Etsy to show you how it’s done.

Which one is your favourite?

Crazy about prints? I am too which is why I had to add this Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind print (2) into the mix. A refreshing statement paired with lemon and grey (another great colour combo) you can add this to your living room as a conversation piece, to your hallway or even in your kitchen area.

Little miracles are little blessings and the wonderful birth of Holly Becker’s beautiful boy Aidan has sparked me to add this gorgeous  Little Miracle’s Cushion (4) to my list. Mixed with varying shades of green and mint this works due to its simplicity and style.  I love this Yellow Gooseneck Desk Lamp (1) just because it works so well paired with this bright pop of yellow. This would be a great addition to your home office or desk area if you want a quick freshen up to your scheme. I adore the beautiful effect of this Origami Lamp (3). Dipped in an ice mint hue I love that it’s paired with the crisp white, giving an understated elegant effect. Designing a new nursery? This will be right up your street!

Too much of a good thing can go bad. So instead of overdoing it with this colour compliment it with this Geometric Wall Clock (5).

Image Credited: Dining: Top 1 left 2 right

Living space: Top 1 left | 2 right

Circles: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Nursery: left | right

Office: left | right 

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