Time for a Cuppa

As you will know from my bio there is nothing I like more than a good cuppa tea (it must be the Brit in me). So many of you have probably seen me around London Town with a bright, zesty yellow cup in hand either on route meeting friends or running to an appointment. Whilst I’ve been out and about I’ve actually been testing out my latest lifestyle find! It’s all in the Joco – the Joco cup that is. Made by the Uberstar company this clear glass cup with its snug yellow jacket was perfect for my daily dose of tea. But why is it so different from all the other millions of portable vessels out there? Well what I’ve discovered (coming from someone who’s been looking for the right portable cup for ages) is that the Joco not only looks good but actually is doing some good to encourage and assist with the sustainability of the environment and help us consider the way in which we consume products. Without compromising the taste of your brew I found the reusable borosilicate glass really does insulate, keeping my brew hot & toasty. I’m always one to to give my honest opinion and I must say I’m always using my new travel buddy. With this, I get none of that horrid splash back when rushing around and its uber stylish too (excuse the pun).

Images Credited: Aima Yusaf Jamal | HOP Design Studio | Uberstar

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