Digital Interiors: The 2014 Review

As a blogger on the go, I’m never but a few fingertips away from my iPhone or iPad. I originally brought the iPad mini in a bid to read more books and catch-up on all my interior design magazines, however slowly but surely it’s become my humble PA. For me the calendar is a godsend for scheduling meetings, events and deadlines. Also as Editor & Blogger as well as a Social Media Journalist, staying connected to a my Twitter & Instagram feeds are key. So having upgraded to the iPad Mini Retina Display I wanted to share and review some of my favourite digital magazines and blogs.

The digital magazine world is constantly evolving, with new trends, collections and apps. Trendenser produced by Editor Frida Ramstedt is one of my all-time favourite interior design magazines. Sadly this is the final issue as Frida plans to focus on her own creative blog (of the same name) so this is my final review to what has been an awesome magazine. As you scroll side-to-side, up, down and in & out what I love about this magazine is the intuitiveness of it. With the new year firmly under our belts, Frida shares some of the key colours and trends for the coming year with What’s Hot – What’s Not.

One of my favourite segments from this magazine is when we, as readers, get an insight into an intriguing career or tantalising home each month. In this last instalment, we get to peek into the home of Emma Solveigsdotter. With a perfect marriage of vintage and modern, Emma’s vintage pieces really tell a story through her personal style. What I also like is that Frida features a plethora of bloggers within her digital pages. In Fade to Black, we get to see the personal pad of Rebecca Centrén – a blogger and self-taught photographer. 

There has always been a real sense of honesty and humbleness with this magazine. Full of great book reviews, interviews and season previews Trendenser certainly packs a punch. Each issue is constantly full of innovative design ideas, tips and inspiring interviews so if you’re new to the magazine – download them now!

Another fond magazine of mine is Heart Home Magazine. What started out as a brilliant idea to turn their blogging skills and interior know-how into a digital magazine has now evolved into an action-packed, digital interior publication and now app, which aims to feed your appetite for interior design. Editors Carole King & Arianna Trapani have turned the magazine into an intuitive, interactive experience. Instead of scrolling through in a standard way, I love the way it allows you to have fun, going in and out of different features, taking you through different parts of the publication. In this edition, we get an exclusive glimpse into the Victorian home of Casting Director

Julie Harkin. One of my favourite articles is Inspired Ink where we follow Artist Rory Dobner. Here we discover more about his flourishing career and what he gets up to on a typical day. Blogger and creative extraordinaire

Igor Josifovic gives us a personal tour through his hometown Munich. Here you really get to see all the creative nooks and crannies of Munich, gaining a real insight into the unique elements of this beautiful city. 

News: Once a quarterly magazine, due to their passion, determination and success Heart Home will now be issued monthly, giving us a monthly dose of creativity. 

Digital magazines aren’t the only things I read however.  Where I can I try to read as many, different blogs as possible. One of those on the top of my list is Oh Joy! by Joy Deangdeelert Cho. I’m a huge fan of Joy as I love the way she plays with colour and craft. When you open Joy’s blog it literally leaps out at you! So vibrant, clean and bright, Joys’ passion for design, craft and most of all her family really shines. I think this is my go-to blog due to Joy’s honesty and humbleness. Through fashion to craft, food to family then stationery and graphic design this blog encompasses all these elements without feeling overloaded or overwhelming. Launched in 2005 Oh Joy has developed so much in relation to content and style, including mini videos showcasing neat design ideas and ticks to try yourself. From blog to book – Joy has launched two books (both available on the iPad and both I’ve downloaded) entitled Blog Inc. and Creative Inc. for those who wish to start up their own blog or start their own creative adventure. 

News: Joy Cho will also be the keynote speaker at Blogtacular taking place in London this May.

Tip: One of my recent most-used finds from Joys’ blog is the Sunrise app. I don’t know about you but I’m not particularly fond out the new ios7 calendars interface but thanks to Joy I discovered this intuitive calendar. Syncing to my iPad calendar, sunrise has a much softer interface allowing me to view my days events without having to click on each day individually. 

There’s so many blogs and digital magazines to discover online so for me and being constantly on the go, having one is key. If you fancy picking one up why not get yours here.

Lead Photographer: Aima Yusaf Jamal

Venue: The Happenstance

Images credited: {Top} 1,2,3 Aima Yusaf Jamal {Row} 1-3 Aima Yusaf Jamal 4 – HOP Design Studio {Bottom} 4&5 – Aima Yusaf Jamal {Final Row} 1&3 – Aima Yusaf Jamal 2&4 – HOP Design Studio.

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