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Throughout my blogging career I have met so many inspiring people along the way. There are people who I admire and that inspire, empower and just ooze creativity.  Ilaria, the inspirational mind behind IDA Interior Lifestyle is a Stylist, Writer, Photographer and Blogger. We first met in Amsterdam in 2012 during my interior travels when I landed my first live blogger stint at the Meet The Blogger event. Since then we’ve been international buddies and as they say the rest is history. What inspires me about Ilaria is that, like me, she has a finger in each pie, keeping busy with various different creative roles. I interviewed Ilaria in order to share her passionate story with you…

HOP: Did you always know that you wanted to enter the fabulous world of freelance Photography

IDA: Photography has always been a great passion that I developed during school years, although I never thought that one day it could become my work.


HOP: How did it all begin

IDA: It began in 2009, when I moved to the Netherlands and I decided to open my first blog. At the time I was changing apartment and I decided to share the process on the FB fan page of Casa Facile, my favourite decoration Italian magazine. My work has been noticed from the Editor-in-Chief that offered me a freelance collaboration.


HOP: What challenges did you face when you decided to go freelance

IDA: Working freelance poses a mix of different challenges: I’m a photographer, interior stylist, blogger and I run an on line yarn shop. The challenge is to give the same amount of importance to every project.

HOP: Describe a typical 24 hours at the IDA studio

IDA: My studio/shop is situated in the attic of the house, so I just need to climb a couple of stairs to go to work! In the morning I check the emails and I process the orders for the shop and I write a post for the blog. After a quick bite I go back to the studio and I work on the styling projects until it’s time for dinner. After dinner I usually do crochet, while watching a movie with my husband. During the week I also manage to take time out to follow a yoga class and take a walk to the park close by: the secret is to organise the work!


HOP: What are your top tips for anyone wanting to start their own creative business, going freelance full-time or someone who is thinking of changing careers?

IDA: Be organised! Changing career is challenging and can be difficult at the beginning. Make a good financial plan and setting your priorities/goals are the first steps. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from people with more expertise.

HOP: Where do you draw your inspiration from for each shoot or project

IDA: Anything can be inspiring: a walk, visiting a new city or a picture. I’m a Pinterest addicted, but I do also love reading blogs and tons of magazines.


HOP: What three things could you not live without

IDA: My computer {or iPad or iPhone}, my camera and a warm blanket.


HOP: What’s next for IDA

IDA: With a couple of friends, I’m currently teaching to a bunch of lovely Italian bloggers how to improve their blogs and we’re thinking of going further and offering a second level course. It’s very inspiring and exciting!

About me, I’d like to start new collaborations as a freelance creative with digital magazines and continue my work as an Interior Stylist.

HOP: Congratulations on taking on Yvonne Eijkenduijn’s {} lovely Yarn shop! How has it been having your own shop

IDA: Thank you! Yvonne was looking for someone creative and passionate to take over her lovely shop and, since we live very close and we’ve known each other for few years now, she asked me if I was interested. I have a great passion for crochet, and the opportunity to have my own shop was absolutely amazing, so I said yes! At the moment I’m selling cotton and acrylic, but I’d like to offer more types of yarns.. I’m working on it!


HOP: If I was stuck on a desert island, my three creative must haves would be…

IDA: A note & a pen, a ball of yarn & a hook and my camera.


HOP: I’m most happiest when…

IDA: … I travel.. and when I can delete, with a big pink cross, all the tasks in my daily to-do-list!


Images Credited: IDA Interior Lifestyle

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