Barely two weeks into the new year and I’m already working on my first major project (academic project that is). When you go on your next vacation, holiday, stay-cation [or insert relevant holiday-phrase if you will] you always know that your hotel or crash-pad will either make or break your experience. 

If you’ve been following me on my creative journey, you’ll remember that last year I finally revealed that I’ve gone back to university to study the wonderful world of I N T E R I O R  A R C H I T E C T U R E . Through months of research, thinking and contemplating (in quintessential student mode), over the next 8 months [and most of 2014 actually] I will be exploring, discovering and investigating the L U X E OF  L U X U R Y within hotel design.

From social changes to our exposure to more choices in interior design, from sustainable structures to just pure L U X E – I’ll be uncovering it all!

And this is where you come in…. I’d love to have your input in this project. What are Y O U R views on L U X U R Y? Does the hotel you choose effect your final location & destination choice? What does L U X U R Y mean to you?

For the first four months I’ll be calling on all interior designers, travel bloggers, design bloggers, business travellers, PR folk and hoteliers to provide me with your unique opinion. I’m still in the process of finalising a few things and will be starting my research soon so if you are interested please do email me here or even leave your comments below if you’d like to participate.

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