Welcome 2014

It’s time to welcome in a fresh, new creative year but before I give a warm welcome to 2014 I always find it inspiring to take a look back and reflect. And what a year 2013 was! On a personal level 2013 was certainly a high-five year for me. It kicked off with a great collaboration with my dear friend and social media whizz Liselore. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to report on and become the official Social Media Journalist for the first ever Meet The Blogger Stockholm and London events.

This also helped to open more doors to some great collaborations and brand relationships but most of all I got to meet some quite amazing and inspirational people along the way.

My blog also received an injection of colour and sophistication thanks to my illustrator friend Gemma Milly and what an amazing job she did. Gemma worked her magic to assist me in totally revamping and re-branding my site. It was also the year that I got to interview the highly talented and my stylist icon Jason Grant.

But one of my biggest achievements in 2013 was that I started my Masters in Interior Architecture finally commencing one of my personal goals. 2013 just proved that you can do what ever you put your mind to. So Welcome 2014 – what’s new for you? Well, I aim to enhance my passion further and really inject some of that energy into my blog. I know I was very quiet on the blog front in 2013 but I plan to be more active, providing more reviews, interior solutions and updates on my research into luxury hotel design (more about that in the next few months). I’m also aiming to transfer that energy to my other platforms such as pinterest and Facebook to give you all a bit more of daily insight into what I’m up to. What with another shiny new year and a fresh opportunity to set some real achievable goals

what are your hopes for 2014?

Image Credited: Clementine & Tulips

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