West Elm Opens in London

Ok, take a deep breath…a seat…and grab a cuppa tea because what I’m about to tell you will rock your creative world! Finally, the creative American brand West Elm will be opening its doors to the UK public – that’s right, to the UK public within the next 2 days! Eeeek.  I’m so honoured to be attending the preview this week and I must say I CANNOT WAIT! 

Situated on interior high-street Tottenham Court Road, London alongside brands such as Heal’s and Habitat – West Elm will not only house interiors, furnishings and textiles but it will also incorporate an in-house coffee shop in partnership with La Colombe.

To mark this awesome move to the UK the store will include a Local Gallery wall (which I like to call the interior catwalk) featuring art from UK artists sourced through Etsy. The catwalk…I mean Gallery has been created by the funky, fabulous Will Taylor from Bright.Bazaar. I, for one want to welcome West Elm with open arms so why not join in the fun when doors open on 5th December! I’ve already been shopping and have picked out my top six Christmas gifts! Which one of these gifts will be on your wish list this Christmas?

1. The devil is in the detail so why not add some cute geometric shapes to your dresser by using this detailed jewellery box – an instant update!

2. What a great colour combination, cool grey with a pop of fresh yellow. Add a touch of style to your dinner table with this dinner plate set

3. It’s time to put the tree up and I just can’t wait to add these glass mushroom ornaments for a little bit of festive magic!

4. I love a good man Bag and this is it right here! Chic, classic and great to store the whole world inside.

5. I want. I want. I want!!! This is a holiday must for me! But I can’t decide between these two  striped tote bag

6. What a cute gift… This iPad case not only keeps your iPad secure and warm but it also looks good in your arms too.

West Elm, 209 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7PN


Images Credited: West Elm

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