It’s almost upon us… that joyful, festive time of year when we pull out the Christmas crackers, tinsel and emergency chairs to fit all the family around the table for some festive frolics. With Christmas fast approaching, I looked to IKEA to get their take on how families enjoy dining as well as solving that age old problem of getting a hundred people around the dinner table. I don’t know about you, but in the HOP household there’s an array of family, friends, Aunties, Uncles and little ones too. Using clever and intuitive storage and culinary solutions IKEA have put the fun back into family gatherings.

Inspired by the Lim’s I’ve picked out my top six culinary pieces, each adding a bit of fun, ease and style to the dinner table.

1. Add a great wash of light to your dining setting with this bold candelabra.

2. I adore baking Christmas treats so these cupcake moulds are right up my street for after dinner desserts.

3. The Lim’s used creative storage pots for pen & pencil storage, which are great for keeping the kids entertained at the dinner table whilst entertaining your guests.

4. These festive mugs are my favourite! A great match for mulled wine and minced pies.

5. Haven’t got enough hands?!! This handy little plate holder is fabulous for carrying your favourite plates.

6. I love the way the Lim’s use this compact kitchen trolley to transport their cutlery, napkins and tableware. Really essential and a great time saver.

Which of these handy tips are your favourite? How will you be spending Christmas this year? How have you been inspired by the Lim’s?

Images: Credited// IKEA UK

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