HOP Goes Back to University

It’s been months and months of preparation, nail biting and application filling (and approving) and finally I get to let the preverbal cat out of the bag! Yes – that’s right HOP is going back to university to study a masters.

This has been one of my aspirations and I’ve spent so long procrastinating about whether to go back to university [or not] but this year I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. I’ve been so lucky & blessed to be made two unconditional offers at two great institutions however after loads of research, soul researching and a scholarship award I decided to study MA Interior Architecture at Middlesex University. 

Embarking on this new venture I will be delving into the world LUXE hotels verses boutique hotel design. Who does it better? What is luxury? And how has design changed how we experience luxury. I’ll definitely be asking you guys for your opinions and if you’d like to take part in my LUXE research please do let me know as I’d love your input.

Image Credited: EveryGirl

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