A Place Called Home

I am a huge instagram fan of Jason Grant – blogger, stylist and interior designer now turned author. Sidney based, Jason has a creative eye for styling up a storm, adding a dash of interior magic to an interior thirsty scheme. I’ve been following Jason’s book journey through his blog and via instagram, so you could only imagine my joy when I discovered that his new book

A Place Called Home was to launch today in the UK. With my very own complimentary copy (scream!) I was also delighted to interview Mr. Grant himself…

HOP Congratulations Jason on your new book A Place Called Home. What an exciting new chapter (excuse the pun)! So how did your book journey beginning?

JG I have been styling for a long time, usually for other people, but I have always wanted to make a book. So I presented the concept to Hardie Grant and they loved the idea of a book. It seemed it was a matter of perfect timing. The book is very much me and my style on paper – I was lucky to be able to make my book just the way I wanted.


HOP Was it easy to stay focused on the theme and main concept of the book or was it a difficult/complex process?

JG I guess we had a very clear direction and I stayed true to my style and the vision we had in mind for the book.

HOP What did you enjoy most about constructing your fab new book?

JG Everything! – I worked with a great team to make the book and was really allowed to make the book ‘I’ wanted – right down to the details like cover, fonts, paper stock… and of course the yellow book spine!

HOP What advice would you give to any bloggers out there who wishes to transition from blogger to book author?

JG Be true to yourself, some times simple ideas are often the best!


HOP I’m a huge fan of your instagram snaps and adore your interior style – How and where do you find new inspiration in terms of styling?

JG Well, I often hit the shops and showrooms. I guess I’m always inspired by what I see and how I can work with it. I also know what I like when I see it.


HOP Describe a typical day in the world of Jason Grant?

JG No two days are ever the same – I love the variety and everyday is a new adventure.

HOP What are your top tips for anyone wanting to branch out into interior styling?

JG Work hard and be nice to everybody.


HOP I never leave home without….

JG My new beams japan leather bag from mr porter it holds everything!


HOP On my iPod right now I’m listening to…..

JG …Daft Punk ‘Random Access Memories’… on high rotation.

HOP I know what you mean, I love ‘Get Lucky feat. Pharrell Williams

Want your very own copy of A Place Called Home… I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of Jason’s new book. It’s dead simple… just provide your name, email, address and answer 2 easy-peezy questions here. Competition closes on 22 June midnight GMT.

//All images supplied by: Hardie Grant//


  • Competition closes on Saturday 22 June at midnight (GMT)
  • One name will be chosen at random via a name generator.
  • One winner will receive one copy of ‘A Place Called Home’ which will be sent directly by the publisher.
  • The winner will be announced on Twitter, Facebook and on the blog shortly after the deadline.
  • As delivery is only available in the united kingdom this competition is only open to UK participants – so sorry guys.

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