Online Generation

Over Christmas I decided to treat myself to an iPad mini. Small, petite and right up my street, I’ve always wanted one as it’s great for reading my favourite interior design blogs, tweets and keeping updated. Likewise, I love reading interior magazines like Heart Home and 91, being able to swipe through at my fingertips on-the-go was something I’d always wanted to do. So when I finally got mine I was so excited to be able to explore just how many intriguing and creative interior & lifestyle magazines there actually are out there.

With the first set of snow flurries merrily dancing across London’s pretty skies, I thought I’d download and share some of my favourite discoveries with you. First up is Trendenser – I attended Meet The Blogger Amsterdam last year and it was so great to experience the launch of this wonderful magazine by author Frida. I love this magazine because not only is it so interactive but the topics are so engaging. I really like this feature {below} following what it’s like to work as an Interior Stylist. 


Gathered by Mollie Makes is another of my favourite discoveries. Not only can you click through from left to right but also up and down which takes the whole traditional magazine rule book and throws it out the window. There are some great video workshops & tips and you really feel like you come away learning so much from this magazine too. Together with The Simple Things there are so many great iPad, interactive magazines out there. What are your favourite magazines?

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