Collective Passion: Dulux 2013

I love this time of year… not only for the Starbucks red cups and the feeling of Christmas quickly approaching but it’s also the time of year when interior brands share their key trends and colour palettes for SS/13. This time it was the turn of Dulux and I took the opportunity to find out what the new 2013 trend has in store. Entitled Collective Passion this trend encompasses five key trend stories: Visual Solace, Switching Off, Collective Passion, The Art of Understanding and Home Factory.   

I’m really excited about these new trends, in particular Collective Passion which has been heavily influenced by the digital trend of society. The fact that we are more immersed in the world of social media, being remotely contactable as well as creating relationships online allows us to have fun with this colour palette. Think neon and pastels: energy, spontaneity, transient – collective – all these spring to mind with this collection.

There’s a whistle-stop tour through the remaining trends:

Visual Solace: This trend is all about finding comfort in art & nature. Think classical design, looking at how works by the old masters can really stir the soul. The key words here are: Joyful | Restorative | Uplifting | Soul Reviver | Wonder.

Switching Off: And….relax! This trend is about disconnecting and switching off from the outside world. Sometimes we just have to shut down & reboot. The colours here are more tinted whites and blacks with dreamlike chalky pastel elements in between. The key words here are: Peaceful | Daydream | Solitude | Idle | Creativity | Stillness.

The Art of Understanding: This is an oldie but a goody, mixing influences from the 50s catwalk/runway, film and TV and sprinkling it into the interiors trend. Think ice-cream shades with everything in its place. The key words here are: Curiosity | Clarify | Communication | Orderly | Understanding

Home Factory: It’s time to put your own stamp on your design, going back to basics. Being self-reliant this trend has drawn influences from the way we live; making or cooking our own products, building and creating a more authentic life for ourselves. The key words here are: Simplicity | Self-Reliance | Honest | Small Scale | Manufacture | Super Local 

As well as giving us a peek of SS/13, Dulux also announced the Let’s Colour Awards. The aim is to award those who have been patrons of the innovative use of colour. In recognition of the influence that colour has in our day-to-day lives Dulux has selected the following categories: Best use of Colour in Homes & Interiors, Best use of Colour in Fashion & Beauty, Colour Innovation in Technology & Design and Best use of Colour in the Arts. There’s also a Colour Moment of the Year which champions a particular person or movement that has been bold, original or extraordinary with the use of colour.

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