Creating The Perfect Bouquet

Hands up who doesn’t like getting flowers?! Thought so, we all like getting a gorgeous bunch of flowers, especially me as I love to brighten up my creative space. In essence, flowers can not only inject a splash colour into an interior design scheme but can also add a heavenly scent to your home. I’d previous blogged about my first brush with flower arranging at The Academy of Flowers back in May and totally loved it. So when the Academy asked me to review another of their courses for the autumnal season I thought it would be a great opportunity to brush up on my floral skills {as well as create a sweet bouquet}.

Madeleine Mukherjee our floral guide for the evening showed us how professional hand-tied bouquets should be done. First you have to prep your flowers by clearing the leaves and thorns from the stems. Ensuring that you make a diagonal cut at the base of the stem, this will help to expose all of the capillaries, allowing maximum water consumption. My weapons of choice on this occasion were roses {of course} cabbage flowers and lilies as well as a range of lush foliage. What I like about this class was that it was a nice small group, no more than 10 people. Each of us had the same range of flowers yet each created a unique bouquet, each very different from the other. This course certainly allows you to explore creativity and moves at a steady pace for don’t worry, you won’t get left behind.

By layering each flower or foliage in a diagonal motion you twist your bouquet to create a swirl. As you add to the bouquet it begins to take shape. As you go you can then add colour through your flower options and leaves. I learnt so many great techniques on the course and I must say, I feel confident enough to be ale to buy a bunch of flowers from my local flower market and put them together myself to suit my scheme. This course is certainly worth the price {£98} in terms of content and knowledge and with a wide range of other courses available at the academy there’s something to suit everyone – from the novice to the expert.

So what you guys think? Has it inspired you to create a lavish bouquet?

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