Holly Becker Book Launch Party: Decorate Workshop

I had the immense pleasure of being invited to the book launch of Decorate – Workshop, the second interiors book from the successful Author| Writer| Blogger| Speaker| Designer and Teacher – Holly Becker! Since starting her careers as an interior designer and blogger Holly has successful turned her hand to all of the above. With the huge success of her first book Decorate, selling huge volumes worldwide, Holly is sure to replicate that same success with her shiny new publication. Being an alumni of Holly’s BYW class, all students both old and new were given the opportunity to gain access to this intimate event.

Not only did we manage to get a sneak peek of the new book but we also got a Q&A session with Holly, hosted by the colourful Mr.Bazaar himself – Will Taylor. Renowned stylist Leland Day (joint stylist in this edition) gave us an insight into the styling world and how he himself draws inspiration to create the most enchanting interior space. So why is this book different from Decorate? The first thing you’ll notice about this new book is that it’s more like an interiors journal and workshop guide than a coffee table publication. Holly’s book has 8 simple yet in-depth steps on how to implement the decorating process in a more simplified manner. You certainly get a sense of Holly’s own personal style and voice within this book and by the end you’ll begin to feel comfortable with the design process thus approaching it with an organic mindset.

It was great to meet Holly who is not only very talented but very down-to-earth as well as catch up with friends Louise, Will, the Heart Home Team and the girls – Sam, Kelly & Annie. As well as catch-up it was also great to meet some of my virtual blogging classmates including @DailyTrends, @Traceychalk {we’re gonna have fun in Stockholm – Whoop Whoop} @TheCuriosityBox and Tola @MissTShaz.

Congratulations Holly!

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