Working From Home

One of my dreams is to have my very own home office! Not just a space in my living room or under the stairs but my own room that is – the studio. A space which I can call ‘my studio’, where I can design, create and write. Yeah, I’m still working on that but it got me thinking *and drooling* about what my top office style look like. If you’re thinking of creating your own space or studio at home, one of the key things to do is to create a brief. Every project needs a brief and it is here that you can decide;

  • What you will need the space for?
  • How will it be used?
  • What activities & tasks will you be doing here?
  • How much time will you be spending here?
  • Will it be a dedicated space or will it need to be adapted?

Once you have your brief mapped out you can then begin to look into different styles and schemes. Below are three modest schemes that are very me – clean, crisp and organised.

1 |2 The first scheme above is one that I love because there’s a personal touch there. I like the way the personalised wallcovering has been illustrated adding a bit of unique character to the space. I’m certainly an ideas person so would always have to pin different schemes, ideas and images up. 

1 | 2 This office just made me melt. I like the clean, clear, simple palette as well as the organic design. Floorboards are stripped back, cleaned and stained white. One thing that is needed if you have a passion for design is desk space and you do get this here. This office has great natural light too which is essential, especially when choosing fabric swatches and colour samples. If there is one thing about my office space, is that I wouldn’t want it to feel like work!

Although the office is meant for work, it should also be a creative extension of you, your style and what you do (especially if you’re creative). This office really feels personal.

1 | 2 Although slightly small, I like the delicate touch that this office has. The clear chair helps to make this office feel simple, organised and adds to that sense of space. If white is a bit to bland and boring why not add a touch of colour with vibrant stationary, desk accessories, and pastel flowers. It’s important to make your space your own by adding your own touch and personality to your office space.

Which is your favourite scheme?

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