I love A Good Nook!

Here’s a question; What does a nook mean  to you?

1 | Calming Views

2 | Accessorise It Up!

3 | Work Your Interiors

4 | Think Outside The Box

5 | Add Some Brights! That snuggly corner in your partners arms, that corner of the sofa that you make a groove in with your derrière or that nice cosy spot in your home where you alone go for some me time. As our evenings draw in and the rain and cold, windy weather starts to pour, I’ve taken a deeper look into that cosy place I love to call – The Nook.

I love a good nook and love to curl up with a good book and a soft textured throw in mine. Sometimes we all need a place to go where we can, as I like to say, shut-down and reboot. If you haven’t got a nook then you so need to get one! Above I’ve chosen five different nook ideas which evoke instantly what a nook is all about. To help you create your own nook here are a few key things which, in essence, make a nook – a nook (minus a hot mug of coffee, a kindle or your favourite book).

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