Today I’m Inspired By…The Olympics

Aggggggh! How excited was I to go to the Paralympics and watch the super humans rock! The theme of the Olympic and Paralympic games is to inspire a generation and it’s surely done that. Living in London there was no way I could let the Paralympics go by without taking a visit to the park and watch the inspiring athletes do their thing on the track! The park has been designed to perfection and the stadium itself has such a great design. It allows the viewer to be able to see and take in all the action, even from the nose-bleed section. The atmosphere here is just breathtaking – everyone is on a high and we had the weather to match! My favourite venues by design have to be the Velodrome, the Aquatics Centre and the stadium. With only a few more days left to take a trip to the park I’d say, grab a ticket and get out there to soak up all the action.

Have you been to the park already? What did you think of the park? If you haven’t had the opportunity to go what has been your highlight of the Olympic and Paralympic games so far?

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