Nandos at the Clink

It’s not everyday that you pair Nandos restaurant and great interior design in the same sentence! Everyone loves a good Nandos session and it’s exactly where I headed this week with one of my girlfriend’s to break some exciting news! We headed to over one of the chain’s restaurants close to her workplace in London Bridge. It’s one that I’d never visited but was so glad I discovered it. Located on Bankend on Clink Street (linked to an ol’ skool London prison) it’s one of the charismatic branches I’ve seen. Carved out of a railway bridge, under the arches, with warm exposed brick work and the classic Portuguese twist this could fast become one of my favourite locations for a quick catch-up.

Still completely in owe of the Olympic glow we took a lovely stroll along the south bank whilst basking in the warm swish of warm weather. Along the way we met Mandeville the mascot for the Paralympic London 2012 games. The games has in fact made me quite proud to be British and appreciate what we have. From Shakespeare’s Globe to our London skyline it’s so nice to get out there and feel the creative vibe of London town.

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