The Colour of Paradise

Sun, Sea, Sand, Strawberry Daiquiri’s and Soca! Yep, it was just as good as it sounds and felt like home. My parents are West Indian – Grenadian to be exact so I always visited the Isle of Spice when travelling to the Caribbean. So it was such an honour to be cordially invited to attend the wedding of family friend Erica Miller who married her high-school sweetheart – Nick Jones. The caribbean is full of vibrant colour & infectious excitement and Barbados was no exception! Everywhere I looked I couldn’t help but instragram it up, taking in all the colour, the heat…and a few strawberry daiquiri’s…bahama mamas…and piña coladas – Oops! It was also great, as always, to spend time with The Firm [my amazing New York family] Shareen [who was maid of honour] Roshelle and my amazing Aunt Lorin. 

If there’s one thing this holiday has taught me it’s that there’s truly nothing better than spending quality time in the sun with great friends and family on an island that allows you to free your mind, chillax and be creative!

What’s the colour of your paradise? Have you been on any excited holidays, vacations or city breaks recently? Has my post inspired your to visit the Caribbean?

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