Blogging Your Way – Breakthrough

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As you all know I’ve enrolled myself on Holly Becker’s Blogging Your Way 2.0 and what a journey its been! I love blogging, writing and doing what I do and this course has really opened my eyes. I always believed that evolving is one of the key elements to moving forward and this has been the theme for me on this journey. It’s been hard work, reading through the course materials, watching the podcasts, taking notes and doing my homework (yep there’s homework every week) but with each week I’ve learnt so much about my blog, you – my lovely readers and how to develop things further. 

There’s a few things I have in mind for my blog as a brand [which is all hush hush….] and in order to add some creative blood to my blog I’m going to be adding some new features! 

FAB FIVE FAVE… I love to shop & talk interiors and it’s always good to have a short, sharp list of top recommended interior finds, stores, products or services to check out. As a regular slot on my blog I’ll be introducing my Fab Five Fave list that I think YOU should check out!

SAY WHAT?!… Exactly! As my loyal regular readers I think it’s time you had your say outside the comment box. Have you been itching to tell me something or are dying for me to cover or even review something on my blog? Well soon it will time for you to speak now or forever hold your piece. Through a survey [a short, fun, creative one mind you] you’ll have the chance to anonymously tell me what you think, feel or even adore about my blog, what I cover and everything in between! Eeeeek! 

SHINING A CREATIVE LIGHT…So many of you tell me that you really like my blog and it’s extremely flattering but also rewarding, knowing that what I write is appreciate by you creative peeps. Like you, there are also bloggers that I really admire and look up to in bloggersville and on my blog I’m gonna shine a creative light on those who inspire me. Through the year I will feature those bloggers who not only inspire me but I’ll reveal WHY!

So there you have it, a few of the developments and tweaks I’m making on my blog. What you think of my 3 changes? Which one is your favourite?

Fab Five Fave, Say What?! or Shining A Light?

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