2012 Summer

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What glorious weather we’ve had these past few weeks Gorgeous blue skies, oodles of sunshine and shades at the ready – It’s been an amazing few weeks. Although the sun does seem to be taking a mini break at the moment we still have lots to be happy about, It’s June 1 and that mark the summer season. Summer is usually the time I start thinking about my next holiday/vacation, planning trips to the coast, dream of enjoying a Mr. Whippy 99′ whilst taking a leisurely stroll in the park and summer barbecues. Summer, like Spring, lends itself to optimism and if you failed to plan the rest of your year or have fallen off the wagon with those resolutions, be aware that all is not lost – there are still six fabulous months to utilise! What I’ve learnt from Spring is that sometimes you have to keep optimist and keep going, even when the stakes are high and the risks are huge! This summer I’m going to try and achieve all my goals including finishing project 5 of my diploma and completing all my current design based projects. I’m also starting my Blogging My Way 2.0 course this month so will let you all know how I get on. Wish me luck!

Images Credited:  1| 2| 3| 4|

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