Clerkenwell Design Week 2012

What better time to host Clerkenwell Design Week 2012 #CDW2012 – perfect weather, shades on and a program full of creative seminars and talks. I LOVE this event! Yep, it’s true, I do like a lot of shows but this year I’m being über selective and this one certainly makes the cut to my top five. The Clerkenwell event is the most chilled, relaxed and innovative I know. I like the fact that it encompasses so many unusual designers, both new and established and the fact that the talent just gets better and better. No need for stuffiness here – leave that attitude at the bottom of Clerekenwell Road, grab a cool beer and take a browse. With so much to see I took some pics with my design eye of what floated my creative boat at this years show. Feel free to sit back, relax and take a mouthwatering Clerkenwell tour…

Top Right | Bottom Left


Main | Top Left | Bottom Left

Top | Bottom

Top Left | Top Right | Bottom Left | Bottom Right

Top Left | Top Right | Bottom Left |

Bottom Right

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