The Week I Met Emma Bridgewater & Matthew Rice

What an amazing week it’s been….. Lovely glorious sunshine, leisurely strolls around London and the creative buzz of Clerekenwell Design Week (blog feature to follow)… and it’s the week I got to meet Emma Bridgewater *jumps for joys*

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge Bridgewater fan and have immense admiration for her work. I adore her creative eye and ability to construct such trendy yet retro pieces that would suit many a kitchen. But before I get into how we met, let’s start from the beginning. The week began with me reflecting on how much has happened within the last five months including loads of personal developments. As my sunny week unfolded I took a visit to Clerkenwell Design Week 2012, which was only a stones throw away from my day job. It was great to catch up with familiar faces & friends over a drink, party-or-two and of course be fully immersed in great design. I love #CDW2012 for its chilled atmosphere and extraordinary, innovative designers. I wanted to buy everything and there were so many HOP favourites. Of all the shows, this one certainly makes my top five list. The week ended with a trip to the coast, coupled with fresh fish n’ chips and a Mr. Whippy 99′. Heading back to London from the coast I met up with my girls Sharlene and new to twitter Sherese of The Mind Haven @TheMindHaven to enjoy some drinks and nibbles at the V&A Late, which this month was all about the world of fine dinning, tableware and ceramics….

Which nicely leads me onto how I met Emma. Ahhhhhhh! Emma & her extremely funny and witty husband Matthew gave an inspirational talk on the world of pottery & ceramics. They shared with us their passions, their collaborative processes and their own personal insights. During this intimate talk I discovered how passionate both Emma & Matthew are about their own commitment to pottery and British manufacturing, which is based in Stoke. There was plenty of humour and laughter in-between and plenty of time for a Q&A. I asked where they drew their inspiration from – it was insightful to know that much of it comes from their surroundings, the essence of Stoke and the wonderful places they visit whilst travelling through various destinations. Sherese of @TheMindHaven asked how they got from their initial dream of starting their own company to becoming the brand they are today – the answer? Pure passion, determination, belief and courage in taking risks. Emma explained that along the way there were times when others doubted the dream and warned against the risks in going forward. As Emma went on to explain, you have to take huge risks sometimes in business & in life to make your dreams a reality. Thanks Emma & Matthew

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